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  • Amanda Downs – Is Your Leadership Team Hindering the Success of Your Salespeople?

    Is Your Leadership Team Hindering the Success of Your Salespeople? Well, Amanda Downs can help you with that And the good news is that she’s the guest on this week’s Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast Amanda had some incredible insights - stuff like… * Why some commercial leadership teams are actually holding back the success of their own salespeople * How to handle hard-nosed buyers who insist you’ve only got minutes to make your pitch * We also discuss the differences in how MEN and WOMEN approach sales – and why one delivers far better results than the other

  • Gavin Ingham – The Difference that Makes the Difference

    Gavin Ingham is an internationally renowned speaker, author and coach who has worked with CEOs, leadership teams and high performers in companies such as Jaguar, UBS, and Microsoft. He’s delivered thousands of talks – all over the world - to more than a Quarter of a million delegates – and counting – and appeared on major TV networks including ABC, CBS and Fox on the Brian Tracy TV Show. He is the man to talk to understand how we can be more, do more and have more in both our business and personal lives It is an absolute pleasure to welcome onto this show - the creator of the - IAM10 methodology for high performance – Mr Gavin Ingham

  • Alison Edgar – Sales Winners, Losers, Dancers and Imposters

    In recognition of her dedication towards the growth of the UK economy, Alison Edgar was invited to the Queens Garden party - and is regarded as one of the UK's top Business Advisers - On top of that she is a previous winner of Great British Entrepreneur of the year (an award that she now sits on the judging panel for) ....

  • Karen Dunne-Squire – The 3 Pillars of Successful Selling

    This week everyone at the Extremely Successful Sales Club was incredibly excited to be welcoming the creator of the 3 Pillars of Successful Selling and the Growth Framework - Karen Dunne Squire.

  • Victor Antonio – Bruce Lee, the Value Trinity and his Universal Sales Formula

    It really was a genuine pleasure to have Victor Antonio as this week's guest Throughout our conversation Victor delivers massive chunks of actionable sales gold every couple of minutes You’ve got to give this one a listen right now