Alex Demetriou – The Single Thing that All Sales Teams Should Focus On

Are you trying to put together a successful, effective, happy, customer-focused sales team?

Well, Alex Demetriou has got some great advice that might just help you with that!

Alex is the MD at Regency Purchasing Group where he manages over 100m of purchasing in the leisure & hospitality sector

He is also the Director of a number of leisure and hospitality businesses ranging from A La Carte restaurants to a Grand Pier and Regency Event Solutions

A business that won the mobile vending contract for the London Olympics in 2012 with over 200 staff working across the Olympic Park – which led to them being asked to consult  for Rio in 2016

And the good news is that he’s the guest on this week’s Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast

Alex shared some incredible insights – stuff like…

* The key components to ensure you put together a sales team that you can be proud of

* A genius exercise that he runs through with his entire business at the company conference

* How to overcome imposter syndrome when you’re selling to huge opportunities

* The single thing that all Sales Teams should focus on

And that doesn’t even cover half of it 😊

You can download and listen to the whole episode now above or at your favourite purveyor of quality podcasts