Niraj Kapur – How to Succeed in Sales When the World is Pushing Back

Do current world events appear to be interfering with your sales success or pulling the rug from underneath your career plans?

Well, Niraj Kapur might be able to help you with that

Niraj is a sales coach, speaker and author who works with an impressive client list that includes Barclays and Google

He is also the co-host of the “Thrive in Sales” podcast and author of the best-selling books “Everybody Works in Sales” and “The Easy Guide to Sales for Business Owners”

And the good news is that Niraj is this week’s guest on The Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast

Niraj shared some brilliant pieces of advice – stuff like…

* Some fabulous pointers for anyone who has recently found themselves out of work or looking for a new job

* How to organize for a successful outcome before you call a prospect on the phone

* The number of effective calls you can actually make in an hour

* Why – and how – managers need to reframe their thinking to ensure they have a top performing sales team

* The importance of continuous learning

* The true value of coaching a sales team to success

And much, MUCH more

Niraj is incredibly generous with his advice and disarmingly frank about the ups and downs he’s encountered throughout his career

This is an extremely timely episode for so many people working in sales right now

I reckon everyone has a friend they’ll want to share this one with

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