Alison Edgar – Sales Winners, Losers, Dancers and Imposters

This week at the Extremely Successful Sales Club, we were delighted to be visited by genuine sales royalty. 

In recognition of her hard work and dedication towards the growth of the UK economy in 2015, Alison Edgar was invited to the Queens Royal Garden party and is recognized as one of the UK’s top 10 Business Advisers

On top of that she is a previous winner of Great British Entrepreneur of the year (an award that she now sits on the judging panel for) and is the author of the best-selling book “Secrets of Successful Sales”

You’re going to love what she had to say about…

  • The personality trait she witnesses in all top performers and successful entrepreneurs
  • How a growth mind-set separates the winners from the losers
  • The importance of salespeople “leading the dance”
  • Why making mistakes is the key to greater success
  • How imposter syndrome can pull the rug from underneath your chances of hitting he big time
  • Why salespeople need to be proactive and shine through this difficult time to ensure their businesses (and industries) survive
  • Why some of the best salespeople are introverts 

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome onto this show the “Entrepreneurs Godmother”– Alison Edgar

You’re going to love this one

To your success

Chris Murray

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