Benjamin Dennehy – Cold Calling, Sales Psychology and the Art of Saying Nothing

If you are responsible for uncovering some new business this year and this podcast episode with the fabulous Benjamin Dennehy doesn’t deliver some information that will prove incredibly useful to help you do just that – while making you smile at the same time – I will be amazed.

Benjamin is a man you might know better by his working title the “UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer” – which may or may not be true – what is beyond doubt though, is how much this man knows about sales.

If you’ve watched any of his videos or seen him speak you’ll know he will happily pick up the phone and make a cold call in front of a live audience – this man walks the talk and then some – and I promise you – he is going to shake up how you think about your sales role over the next 30 minutes.

In this episode, Benjamin shares some incredible insights – stuff like…

  • The best way to start a cold call – and why you’re falling down straight after “Hello”
  • Why you need to STOP answering questions
  • How he successfully booked an appointment with a cold prospect – even though the prospect had no idea who he was or what he did – even at the end of the call – with the appointment in the diary
  • Why you should have no emotional attachment to the outcome of your sales calls

And that doesn’t even cover half of it 😊

Be warned, there is an element of strong language in this episode – if you are easily offended, this might not be the episode for you

You can download and listen to whole episode now at the links below or on the player at the top