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  • Lauren Sergy – Perfect Online Meetings and Brilliant Sales Presentations

    OK – the guest on this week’s podcast episode is the fabulous Lauren Sergy – and what she shares is going to be SOOOO useful to absolutely everyone who listens in. In case you don’t already know – Lauren is an author whose books include “The Handy Communication Answer Book” and “UNMUTE! How to Master Virtual Meetings and Reclaim Your Sanity”. She is a public speaking and interpersonal communication expert who has helped thousands of professionals become better communicators, working around the world with a client list that includes the likes of KPMG, Grant Thornton, Cargill, and T-Mobile - and teaches business communication seminars at the University of Alberta

  • Benjamin Dennehy – Cold Calling, Sales Psychology and the Art of Saying Nothing

    If you are responsible for uncovering some new business this year and this podcast episode with the fabulous Benjamin Dennehy doesn’t deliver some information that will prove incredibly useful to help you do just that – while making you smile at the same time – I will be amazed.

  • Daniel Disney – How LinkedIn Can Deliver a Steady Pipeline of Sales Opportunities

    Do you want to know how to make the best use of LinkedIn as a tool that can deliver a steady pipeline of sales opportunities? Well this week, we've got the brilliant Daniel Disney - the King of LinkedIn and Social Selling himself - as our guest at the Sales Club to help with just that

  • Geoff Burch – The 4 Questions to Ask in Every Single Call

    If this podcast episode with the fabulous Geoff Burch doesn’t brighten your day and make you smile ear to ear, I’ll eat my 1950’s sales trilby. Geoff's love of motorbikes led the Sunday Times to refer to him as “the Hells Angel of Management” – while elsewhere in the press he has been called “the world’s most persuasive man” and “Britain’s toughest business guru”

  • Darryl Praill – Why Your Sales Messages are Deleted by Prospects

    Would you like to know how to make every sales message interesting and relevant to your ideal prospects, while ensuring that people recognise why you’re a different proposition from the rest of the sales crowd? Well, Darryl Praill has got some great advice that will help you with just that!

  • Jonny Stevens – The Essential Personality Trait for Successful Sales

    Would you like to know how to build a target smashing pipeline, while heading up a sales team who decided (amongst themselves) to bring 100% effort to everything they do? Well, Jonny Stevens has got some great advice that will definitely help you with that!

  • Matthew Hall – Warm Leads, Sales Excellence and the Vicious Cycle of Addiction

    This week on the Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast we talk to Lead Forensics’ Global Client Manager - Matthew Hall Matt has an impressive history of sales & marketing excellence and shares some brilliant advice regarding.

  • Steve Jones – How to Become an International Sales Superstar

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to get invited to join a truly successful, international sales team - and then have the know-how to become one of their top performing sales stars year after year? Well, Steve Jones has got some great advice that might just help you with that!

  • Michael Hanson – Building the Perfect Sales Playbook

    Do you wish you could put together a step-by-step outbound sales process that would get you in front of your perfect prospects? Well, Michael Hanson can help you with that! Michael is the Founder of Growth Genie - a consultancy that empowers B2B Sales Teams to have better conversations through playbooks, cadences and ongoing coaching sessions. And the good news is that he’s the guest on this week’s Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast