Geoff Burch – The 4 Questions to Ask in Every Single Call

If this podcast episode with the fabulous Geoff Burch doesn’t brighten your day and make you smile ear to ear, I’ll eat my 1950’s sales trilby.

In case you don’t already know Geoff is a regular contributor on TV and Radio, and will be familiar to many listeners as the presenter of BBC television shows such as ‘All over the Shop’ and ‘Inside Out’.

He is also the author of a range of best-selling books which include: ‘Resistance is Useless’, ‘Go It Alone’, ‘The Way of the Dog’ , ‘Self Made Me’ – and was voted the Speechwriters’ Guild Business Communicator of the Year.

His love of motorbikes led the Sunday Times to refer to him as “the Hells Angel of Management” – while elsewhere in the press he has been called “the world’s most persuasive man” and “Britain’s toughest business guru”

In this episode, Geoff shares some incredible insights – stuff like…

* How to triple your turnover and then invite customers to a future sales event

* Why keeping “Pet Customers” is bad for business

*  The 4 questions to ask in every single call

* Why bullying prospects into buying doesn’t work

* How to up-sell and cross-sell with his “intending to sell” philosophy

And that doesn’t even cover half of it 😊

Download and listen to the whole episode now at the links below or on the player at the top – and of course – at all good purveyors of quality podcasts