Darryl Praill – Why Your Sales Messages are Deleted by Prospects

Would you like to know how to make every sales message interesting and relevant to your ideal prospects, while ensuring that people recognise why you’re a different proposition from the rest of the sales crowd?

Well, Darryl Praill has got some great advice that will help you with just that!

And the good news is – he’s my guest on this week’s Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast

In case you don’t already know, Darryl was voted LinkedIn’s Number 3 Marketer Globally – he is an in-demand event host, a Sales World Top 50 Keynote speaker, a multi-gold- medal winning content creator and a serial entrepreneur.

He has raised almost $100 million in venture capital – has acquired, merged and taken companies public – and is currently Chief Revenue Officer with the Sales Engagement Platform VanillaSoft.

In this episode, Darryl shares some incredible insights – stuff like…

  • Why corporate meetings are not the place where big business decisions are actually made
  • How to cut through all the noise so that prospects sit up and listen to what you’ve got to say
  • Why people who ask “How has sales changed” are focusing on the wrong question
  • The number of touch attempts required to ensure that prospects take your call
  • And the reason he is on a one-man crusade against sales bots

And that doesn’t even cover half of it 😊

You can download and listen to whole episode now at the links below or on the player at the top – and at all good purveyors of quality podcasts