Steve Jones – How to Become an International Sales Superstar

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get invited to join a truly successful, international sales team – and then have the know-how to become one of their top performing sales stars year after year?

Well, Steve Jones has got some great advice that might just help you with that!

Steve is an experienced International Sales Director, currently leading the MIDEL team in Asia Pacific

Operating in Delhi, Shanghai, Brisbane, Jakarta and the place he now calls home – Singapore – after moving over there from the UK a few years ago

Before that he held Senior Sales Leadership positions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as helping a number of small engineering firms break into some of Americas largest Fortune 500 companies.

And the good news is that he’s the guest on this week’s Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast

Steve shared some incredible insights – stuff like…

* Why you need an ACED mindset to get onto a team like Steve’s – Adaptability; Creativity; Enthusiasm ; Drive

* The reason that you make yourself a commodity if you’re not always differentiating yourself

* The necessity of focusing on the customers “Buy Cycle” instead of your company’s “Sales Cycle”

And that doesn’t even cover half of it 😊

You can download and listen to the whole episode now above or at your favourite purveyor of quality podcasts

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