Michael Hanson – Building the Perfect Sales Playbook

Do you wish you could put together a step-by-step outbound sales process that would get you in front of your perfect prospects?

Well, Michael Hanson can help you with that!

Michael is the Founder of Growth Genie – a consultancy that empowers B2B Sales Teams to have better conversations through playbooks, cadences and ongoing coaching sessions.

And the good news is that he’s the guest on this week’s Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast

Michael had some incredible insights – stuff like…

* The difference between Sales Playbooks and Cadences – and how to build both

* Why he doesn’t use LinkedIn InMail

* The most important part of the sales process – and why most people don’t make use of it

* How to use Trigger Events to identify new opportunities

* Why you should be clarifying objections rather than handling them

And that doesn’t even cover half of it 😊

Download and listen to whole episode now at all good purveyors of quality podcasts (or listen to it at the top of the page)

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