Matt Sykes – Why You Need to Prospect Like You’re Bankrupt

Do you sometimes feel that, when it comes to life as a Business to Business sales professional, the person on the buying side of the table holds all the cards?

Well, Matt Sykes can help you solve that problem

Matt is a sales trainer, author, podcast host and keynote speaker – and he is on a mission to convert the stereotypical image of salespeople, into one where they are recognized for the value that they bring to the customers they serve – and seen as a force for good.     

His first book – Sales Glue – was hailed as “the Mindset Book for Sales People” – while his second book – Converted – was launched last month to incredible reviews

And the good news is that Matt is this week’s guest on The Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast

Matt shared some brilliant pieces of advice – stuff like…

* Why you need to start prospecting like you’re bankrupt

* The truth behind relationship selling – and why being liked by the buyer is not as important as you think

* Why everyone who has a business development role needs to work on creating an audience 

* The fact that success leaves clues – and how you can follow those clues to your own big wins

* And 4 pieces of absolute sales gold from his very first sales manager

And much, MUCH more

Matt is charming, funny, genuine, straight talking and exceptionally good at what he does

This is one episode you do not want to miss!