Victor Antonio – Bruce Lee, the Value Trinity and his Universal Sales Formula

In case anyone doesn’t already know – Victor Antonio is a globally sought after sales speaker and trainer.

From growing up in one of the roughest areas of Chicago to becoming the President of Global Sales and Marketing for a 420 Million Dollar company – this man has had an incredible career.

Throughout our conversation Victor delivers massive chunks of actionable sales gold every couple of minutes – and generously even offers to make a copy of one of his books available to every listener – for free.

You really do not want to miss this one.

In 30 minutes he:

  • Takes us through his Universal Sales Formula
  • Explains the importance of the Value Trinity (Revenue, Cost and Market Share)
  • Shares the 4 Elements business growth with the Sales Velocity Equation
  • Tells us why most people don’t have a SALES problem – what they have is a LEAD GENERATION problem – and then what we should do about it
  • Gives away a simple piece of advice on how businesses can motivate their sales teams
  • And he even introduces a bit of Bruce Lee wisdom into proceedings

It really was a genuine pleasure to have Victor Antonio as a guest on The Extremely Successful Sales Podcast

You’ve got to give this one a listen right now

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