Lee Salz – Suspects, Prospects, Customers and Clients

Do you know how to differentiate your business from your competitors in the eyes of your prospects?

If it just came down to you and one other supplier, would your prospect come to a decision based on price?

Lee Salz can help you solve that problem.

He is the best-selling author of Sales Differentiation (which won the silver medal for top Sales Book of 2018) and the No. 1 rated sales management book on Amazon – Hire Right, Higher Profits.

And he is this week’s guest on The Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast

Lee shared some absolute gold – stuff like…

  • The difference between “Marketing Differentiation” and “Sales Differentiation”
  • Why pricing is the ultimate decision factor in the absence of differentiation
  • Why understanding the difference between Suspects, Prospects, Customers and Clients can have such a dramatic effect on your results
  • The “Sales Crime” Theory that will change your prospecting strategy 
  • How to successfully work your way through an RFP Tender process when you’re fighting a lower priced competitor
  • Why people who say they have a “Closing” problem have actually got a “Discovery” problem

And much, much more

This is an episode you do not want to miss